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Kathleen Bradley

Houston area Lawyer

Alan provided professional services for client who, post closing, discovered a possible mineral interest from a knock on the door asking for an assignment of rights. Alan was able to quickly ascertain not only the chain of ownership, but provide a framework and pieces to the mineral interest puzzle. His report and explanation simplified the entire situation making it a pleasant experience. My clients were thoroughly satisfied with his attention to detail and work. I would not hesitate to use Alan again, and happily refer him to my clients.


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About Us

Title The Right Way and Synergy Realty are dedicated to providing the best services in the Information and Real Estate industries. Our mission is to develop lasting relationships that we earn with each client.

At Title The Right Way, our efforts are focused on getting our clients the information they need as quickly as possible and at a price that rivals the market. Our staff has been providing Title and Realty Services to Family Law, Probate and Bankruptcy Attorneys as well as Lenders and Government Agencies for over twenty years. This experience plus our staff attorney enable us to assist clients with the most difficult issues.

Our Synergy Realty licensed staff have been representing clients as buyers and sellers for over 20 years. Decades of transaction experience and market knowledge translate to negotiating the best deal for our clients. 

Our Services

We provide free of charge, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to all potential clients so that they can develop the best strategy for selling their property. 

Ask our staff of licensed agents about the "SMART MOVE" solution to saving money on your next sale or purchase of residential, ranch or commercial property.

TITLE-TRW offers the following Real Estate and Title products and services to match the specific needs of our clients. Title Reports should be received by our clients by email within 24 to 48 hours depending on the county in which the work was ordered.

Will show current ownership and lien status of subject property. Ownership information will include complete deed and probate/divorce history (if necessary). Also included are: voluntary and involuntary liens listed by lien priority, full legal description, tax assessment and payment status.

Searches can be performed by county to determine any and all assets owned by a person or business. These searches are typically performed for Estate, Probate and Bankruptcy Attorneys.

All documents will be reviewed with the borrower then witnessed and notarized according to the lenders instructions.

Our Licensed agents will prepare a free Market Analysis to give you a clear view of what properties comparable to your own property are selling for. This will help you establish your selling strategy!

Document preparation and other legal services are conducted by our staff attorney Eino Zapata, who has been serving the real estate industry for over thirty years.

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